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Buying Renewable Power

As the population of Texas grows, the demand for electricity also grows. Texas currently produces and consumes more electricity than any other state. Because of its size, diverse climate, and abundance of natural resources, Texas has tremendous potential to generate renewable resources that greatly enhance the diversity of our electric grid. The two main advantages to using renewable energy are that it’s clean and it’s unlimited, which reduces the demand for non-renewable sources of energy, such as coal, oil, and natural gas.

Several Texas utilities now offer power produced from renewable sources. It generally costs more than power generated from fossil fuel burning plants, but a growing number of consumers are electing to pay a premium for environmentally friendly power. An alternative is to buy “green” power, which includes electricity generated from relatively clean natural gas-burning plants that burn gas produced in Texas. Either way, choosing one of these types of plans can contribute to a cleaner Texas.

When you choose to buy renewable energy, you are telling your electric company that you want a certain percentage of your power to come from renewable resources. That percentage of renewable power is then produced and placed onto the power grid. The actual electricity that finds its way to your home or business represents the mix of all generators connected to the grid, but by choosing renewable power you help increase the amount of renewable energy produced statewide.

Renewable Energy Capital Partners, LLC is a renewable energy company that takes tangible action to create a world that runs entirely on green energy.

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